What you need to know about Facebook and Twitter, the new social networks

Facebook and Google are expanding their reach into a new way of communicating with each other.What they have in common is the ability to share, in real time, information with eachother.Both companies are investing heavily in this space.The Facebook-owned Instant Messenger service has seen growth over the past year and a half and is currently valued at over $6 billion.But […]

How to make an IP Switch: Get up and running on a QQ QQ IP Switch

Now you can get up and moving on your IP Switch!This tutorial will show you how to configure and connect your QQIP switch to the Internet with the QQQ Instant Messaging app, and show you what to expect when you try it out.We’ll show you the steps to install the QRCode application, set up your QRCODE IP address, and configure […]

How to stop the dentists from stealing your dental records

DENTISTS have been stealing dental records for years, but now dentists have access to more information than ever.The Dental Information Exchange (DIE) service allows people to share their records, with no registration required.The idea is that by sharing dental records, people can learn more about their health, the type of treatment they are getting, and how they are spending their […]

How to download the iPhone worm from the internet, then send it to a fake email account

By now, most of us have heard of iPhone worm.It’s the latest malware threat that uses an iPhone’s microphone to listen to your voice, then uses your iPhone to download malware, then sends it to your fake email address.In other words, it’s the new ransomware.But this new attack isn’t new.A new ransomware that uses a microphone to make calls and […]

Watch: The most ridiculous things you’ve seen during a Trump rally

Watch: Trump is making a point to talk about himself before the cameras even start. It’s a strategy he’s been using before, but it’s new and different.Trump is not running to be the next President of the United States.He’s running to become the next president of the world.And the fact that he’s talking about himself and not about his policies is […]

Which are the best messaging apps for iPhone and Android?

The following is a list of the top instant messaging apps and messaging services available on the iPhone and iPad.Apple has long been a leader in messaging, with many popular brands like Snapchat, Line and WhatsApp all operating on the platform.However, as the iPhone 5S was released and the iPhone X released, Apple’s popularity in the messaging space went through […]

How to use Facebook Messenger to Build a $1 Billion Advertising Business

Twitter has been working on a new ad-blocking platform called Instant Messaging.As you may have heard, Twitter’s ad-free Twitter service was one of the first major competitors to Snapchat, but it was shut down in the first week of August by Google.Facebook bought Instant Messenger for $1 billion in 2016.Twitter recently launched a new platform called Messenger Advertising.Messenger Advertising is […]

The NFL’s Twitter account is ‘not ready’ for the new year

NFL players were quick to get behind Twitter, but some are wondering if the league is ready to embrace the social media platform for its own brand.The league’s Twitter handle is not ready for the New Year, and so is the league’s brand.The Twitter account for the Washington Redskins was not ready in mid-January and it’s not clear if the […]

‘I have been living in fear’: Indian schoolgirl who escaped in Pakistan

Indian girls who have fled their country for safety are increasingly being treated like “a refugee”, according to an Indian journalist. The Indian government is not providing even the basics to her,” said Anurag Kashyap, who runs the website Indian Express, which covers the country’s capital. “A young girl I spoke to was being treated very differently, and she said that in […]

The Next 10 years of the Office 365 instant messaging protocol

Summary Office 365 Instant Messaging (OIM) is a global instant messaging solution that allows organizations to securely send, receive, and store messages to and from multiple users at once.But the service has faced a series of issues over the years.OIM has been widely criticized for its lack of security features and the fact that many organizations don’t have the time […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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