Why you should not be downloading the latest and greatest instant messaging apps and games

What if you were to suddenly be able to read instant messages while driving?If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to send a text message while driving, this app might be for you.The app is called Instant Messaging and it lets you read your texts while driving.Instant Messages are essentially a text messaging app, but it lets users view messages […]

How Twitter Killed Google, and Now Facebook Is Back

I was at Google in 2017 when the company announced it was hiring the first female VP of engineering, and she had the following to say: “Google was the first to build a fully mobile, online-first search platform.Google’s vision is to empower everyone to make the most of the web.Google is now the leading search engine for the world.It’s the […]

Microsoft to allow Skype and Microsoft Office for Windows 10 – BBC News

Microsoft has revealed it will allow Skype for Windows as well as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange for Windows Live.The announcement comes as Skype has been the subject of a huge investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission, which is examining whether Skype breached the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines on how it operates.Skype for the desktop will […]

Amazon Echo speaker, Alexa, Amazon Alexa devices, Alexa voice-activated assistant launch at $99.99 via Amazon.com

A slew of new Echo-branded devices are being announced on Wednesday, as Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa will officially launch for just $99 (and, yes, they will come with a microphone).The Echo Dot will be the first new Echo device to hit the market since the Echo Dot went on sale in April 2018.The Echo Dot is Amazon’s answer to […]

Snapchat, Instagram: Insta-messaging company that is killing the traditional video-on-demand business

Instagram has entered into a deal to buy a group of mobile-messenger companies called Instant Messaging.Instagram says it will pay $1 billion for the group, which will include two other mobile-video brands: Snapchat and InstaSnap.The deal is expected to close in the first half of next year.Instant Messages is a $200 million-a-year company that was acquired by Snap in 2015 […]

Medical News today

MedStar, Inc., a leading provider of medical imaging and diagnostic services, has been acquired by AstraZeneca, Inc. The deal will result in MedStar’s $8.8 billion in cash and $1.9 billion in common stock, according to an announcement from Astra.The acquisition will enable Astra to accelerate the company’s transformation and strategic direction, Astra said in a statement.Astra is the world’s largest […]

3ds users can get 3ds app now, even if they don’t own 3ds

3DS users can now download the new 3ds game app for free, even though they don the 3ds.This was announced via Twitter on Monday and includes a number of other new features including a new 3D mode, and an option to play offline using the same Wi-Fi connection as the iPhone.The app is available for download for $1.99.It also includes […]

How to sign up for the Amazon Instant Video service

The NFL is about to introduce an Instant Video subscription service that lets players watch up to 50 hours of video per week on a tablet.The service will be available through NFL Mobile, a company that connects NFL players with NFL Mobile partners to stream their games online.Players can sign up to receive the service via NFL Mobile’s mobile app.NFL […]

Canada’s new mobile operators have some very interesting things to offer

Google News Canada has just published a blog post detailing some interesting things about Canadian mobile operators, and what you can expect to see in the future.While it may seem like a bit of a departure from the usual coverage of Canadian telecoms, the article focuses on the first wave of Canadian operators in the mobile space, and the operators […]

What you need to know about the new League of Legends – and how it’s different from other games

In League of Legend, teams are players with a common goal – win an important match.In other games, teams play for the same purpose, with different goals and a different level of strategy.The difference is the emphasis on teamwork, and the emphasis in which teams are allowed to work together.“League of Legends is more team-based than the other games,” says […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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