Which messaging app can you really trust?

A new app called “Messages” is hoping to be a new kind of messaging app that’s both secure and easy to use.The app lets you send and receive messages, send and reply to them, and even make phone calls without needing to download an app.It’s a simple yet slick solution that’s a bit more than just a messaging app.Instead of […]

Why the word “diet” is wrong, in 2017

I don’t think I can ever say that diet is an absolute must.But I do know that it is important for some people to get in shape, so I am going to explain why the word is often used as a euphemism for “deteriorating diet.”I’m not trying to be a food critic here.I think that’s pretty damn obvious.It’s important to […]

Meet the new Slack team, its developers and its technology

Github Instant Messaging team has announced its new team of developers.The team has worked on messaging tools like Zapier, which lets developers add support for Zapier’s built-in support for the Slack API, and the new Telegram team, which includes its first engineer, David Segal.This will be the first team of its kind for Slack, and a major change for the […]

USA Today: No. 5 U.S. players set new single-season record for most goals scored by a U.K. player

USA Today’s Aaron Rodgers leads all players with five goals, and his tally of nine goals is the most by a British player since the 2004 World Cup.Rodgers’ five goals are the most scored by any player in U.A.C. history, and he is the first Briton to score 10 goals in a single campaign since the 1999-2000 campaign.He scored the […]

How To Make Instant Pot Pot Pot Stories

We have the best Instant Pot stories ever!The best Instant Pots are still coming out, so we figured we would share them here.The best pot stories are so much fun, but they can be daunting if you don’t know how to use them.Let’s take a look at how to make instant pot pot recipes, so you don.t have to make […]

2DS and 3DS threats have jumped to 4,000 per day, police say

A spike in smartphone and tablet-related security threats and the emergence of a new threat to online gaming platforms has raised concerns that online threats are becoming a daily occurrence, Toronto police said Friday.The increase in mobile and tablet security threats was “pretty big” since the advent of 3DS, according to the department’s cybercrime division, which is responsible for monitoring […]

How to make a real private instant messaging app in minutes

The following is a guest post by Digby user digby.I recently stumbled upon a blog post on how to build a private instant messenger.It is the best post I have ever read, and I am sharing it with you in this article because I know a lot of people who might find it useful.Here are the steps:1.Register for an account: You […]

How to get rid of a potty mouth

Insta-Pee is a word that has stuck with me for a long time. When I was young I had one, and it was used in the movie The Breakfast Club as a catchphrase to explain how it’s okay to be a dick. But when it came time to use it to describe how we should treat our toilet, I was not so […]

Can we just let go of the ‘internet is bad’ argument?

The internet is a wonderful tool to get people to get together, and in fact we have seen some really positive results.But there are some concerns that the internet can also create barriers to social interaction, and the lack of a clear vision for how we want to interact online has led to some truly awful experiences.There is no such […]

Why you need to be a ‘fool’ if you want to use an iPhone 5S app on an Android device

It’s time for Apple to stop trying to compete with Google for your attention.There are a lot of smart people out there that really enjoy the iPhone 5 and that’s great.But it’s time Apple stopped trying to sell you on its products as if they were Google’s.I think it’s been a bit of a mistake.But if Apple wants to make […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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